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Market Future
Time:2014-08-22 14:30:32

Market Future :

The most vatality green dishwares and kitchenwares in 21st Century are paper cups,, paper bowls,paper dinner case,paper cake trays and paper snack boxes :

  • Since the paper dishware came out, it has been used widely in developed countries and regions such as America, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Hongkong and so on. The product has the special characters of good shape, sanitation, oil preventing and temperature resisting, it also degradable, innocuous, flavourless, unpolluted. Paper dishwares and kitchenwares were accepted by people quickly as soon as it entered market. They were used by many international snack shops and beverage suppliers such as Mcdonald's, KFC, Coca Cola, pepsi-cola, and all kinds of instant noodles factories, and so on.
  • The plastic products which was called White Revolution twenty years ago not only brought people convenience but also create White Pollution that is difficult to eliminate today. The plastic products are difficult to be reclaimed and can produce deleterious gases, they also can't degradable and can spoil constructure of soil when they are buried. Chinese government spends several hundred millions capitals on dealing with it but gets little effect. To develop environment-protecting products and eliminate white pollution has been the important social problem in the world.
  • Now many countries in America and Europe have legislation to forbid using plastic dishwares and kitechwares. In China, Ministry of Railroad, Ministry of Communications, State Environmental Protection Administration, State Planning Commission, and other local governments such as Wuhan, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Dalian, Xiamen and Guanzhou have enacted laws to forbid using plastic products. The No.6 document (1999) of the National Economic and Trade Committee prescribed definitely that at the end of 2000, the plastic dishwares and kitchwares should be forbidded entirely in China. A globalized transformation of plastic dishwares and kitchwares is springing up gradually. The green environment protecting products which using paper to take place of plastic has been one of trends of social development nowadays.
  • In oder to adapt and promote the activity development of Using Paper to Take Place of Plastic, the State Economic & Trade Commission together with the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, Science and Technology Ministry and Sanitation Ministry enacted two national standards, Universal Technical Standard for One-Time Degradable Lunch Containers and Drinking Sets and Experiment Method for One-Time Degradable Function, they were carried out on Jan 1, 2000. These standards can provide technical norm for producing, distributing, using and supervising one-time degradable lunch containers and drinking sets.
  • The healthy consciousness of people is enhancing continously by the quick economic development of our country and the stable improvement of people's living situation. Now the one-time paper cups have been the necessary products of people's daily consumption in developed areas. It was forecasted by experts that in near three year, the paper dishwares and kitchwares will spread over the country and come into family largely, the market of the products is growing and larger quickly. Ending plastic products are the general trends of historical mission and the paper products are being fashionable trends.
  • Now, the paper product market is starting, the foreground of the maket is very wide. It is statisticed that there are 3 billion paper products in 1999 and 4.5 billion in 2000, it is estimated that the number will be increased a half every year in five years. Now the paper products have been used widely in many fields, such as commerce, aviation, high and middle-grade snack shops, cool drink hall, large and middle-scale enterprises, governmental departments, hotels, families in economic developed areas, and so on. Meanwhile, it is spread to inner middle and small cities. China has the most population in the world. The potential of the market is very lare, it provides large market space for manufacturers who produce paper products.
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