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Paper cups
Time:2015-07-31 8:40:23
 Make paper cups, have standard models (ZSBJ-100,JBZ-A12, JBZ-S12) paper cup machine, also have JBZ-S16/A16 and JBZ-S22/A22 for high cup, special size.

JBZ-A12/A16/A22 only make one-side-PE-film-coated paper cup, JBZ-S12/S16/S22/ZSBJ-100 is available for both one and two side PE film coated paper.

Paper Cups:

  • Show Case: paper cup, paper plate, paper dish, paper lunch box, paper dinner case 
    show case
  • Paper cups: one side PE film paper cups and two side PE film paper cups
    paper cup,one side PE film paper cups and two side PE film paper cups
  • Ice cream paper cups, cold paper cup: 
    Ice cream paper bowls
  • Tow side PE film coated paper cups (made in JBZ-S12 ultrasonic paper cup machine): Popular for cold drinks, ice cream cups, etc.
    paper cup
  • High paper cup, Tall paper cup, makde in JBZ-S16, JBZ-S22 Special size paper cup machine, etc. high paper cup
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